Monday, 8 August 2011


Hey guys, and welcome to my brand new gaming blog.
In this blog, I'm hoping to provide some insight and opinion (however biased it may be) on some of the games that I play, or may have heard of. As it stands right now, chances are the games will include League of Legends, Minecraft, possibly some WoW, and who knows what else will get thrown into the mix. Also, feel free to send me a comment on here if you think you know of a game I might be interested in, or are curious to hear my opinion on. Hope to hear from you guys soon!



  1. Look forward to hearing your opinions. Cheers!

  2. I play LoL and MC. Looking forward to your thoughts. :)

    Have you played APB relaoded?

  3. Nope, unfortunately I have to ask the foolish question of what APB is..

  4. interesting, I love games! :)
    the last one I played is F3AR, not scary as the 2 previous, but it's great :)